Explore the power of coconut oil

The secret of nourished hair - Coconut Oil

For month now, the love of many women is coconut oil, which is acquired in a cold pressing process. It is available in two versions - refined and unrefined. In hair care is used unrefined coconut oil. What is a secret of coconut oil for hair? What properties does coconut oil have? The answers to those and many more questions can be found in below article.

Natural coconut oil for hair is the best equivalent for traditional conditioners. If you have doubts whether coconut oil is a good choice for hair care, remember about two things - its structure is similar to protein structure of hair and high concentration of lauric acid makes coconut oil absorb better in the hair structure. Because of it, coconut oil perfectly nourishes hair, which lack proteins and nourishing ingredients. Use of coconut oil gives complex results:

  • deep nourishment, restoration and regeneration,
  • controlled level of hydration,
  • elimination of dandruff and dryness,
  • silk softness and smoother.

It should be mentioned that coconut oil is the best solution for low porosity hair and medium porosity hair, not only because of its properties and structure close to structure of hair. It has much more qualities, which create its advantage against vegetable oils. Among many, price of coconut oil isn't high. For a 17 Oz. of unrefined coconut oil we will pay from 3£ to 15£, it depends on where will we buy coconut oil and which brand will we choose.

The secret of coconut oil lies in its universality. It can be used on many different ways - starting at oil treatment on the entire length (on wet or dry hair, cold and hot) to finish at enriching other products with coconut oil or protecting ends against damages. All methods have their pluses and minuses – there is as many consumers as opinions on coconut oil, its properties and hair care methods.