Avril Coconut Oil confronted with Nanoil Castor Oil. We know which one is worth your attention

Avril Coconut Oil confronted with Nanoil Castor Oil. We know which one is worth your attention

Selecting oil to suit heavy and thick hair is a challenging task. Most oils tend to weigh the hair down, hence the limited choice; you’re left with coconut oil only. However, if you’re fed up with using just one oil continuously – which smells coconut – that in fact has to be wormed up before applying (in most cases it’s just a big white lump), you must know that there’s an alternative you can make use of. It appears that one of the finest is this old-school castor oil. Naturally, to fully understand this issue, it’s better to give both oils a go. How does pure oil coconut compare with castor?

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Oily duel: Nanoil Castor Oil against Avril Coconut Oil

We put two high quality beauty products to the tests. Both Avril Coconut Oil and Nanoil Castor Oil receive positive feedback, are pure natural oils and belong to the group of top-rated products in terms of hair care. Still, there can be just one winner. Find out which oil should definitely have its special place in your bathroom.

Coconut oil and castor oil: Purpose

Avril Coconut Oil

Avril Coconut Oil is destined for hole body care, face and hair. It’s available in a soft plastic tube that facilitates dosing. In short, the tube has to be put into warm water to let it get softer and eases application to chosen body parts. It must be realized that this oil doesn’t suit all hair types. Only thick, heavy, low porosity, volume-deprived, with tendency to oily scalp hair benefits from being exposed to coconut oil. Such hair type gains elasticity and volume after being treated with coconut oil.

Nanoil Castor Oil

Castor oil is recognized as an exceptional product since it’s the only oil having such untypical structure and composition. Ricinoleic acid that castor oil has is suitable for ALL HAIR TYPES, beginning with thin and delicate, through heavy and flat, ending at normal. Owing to being similar to human keratin (basic hair constituent), this oil positively influences hair bulbs and reinforces hair an its entire length. Moreover, castor oil can be also applied to improve state of rough and dehydrated skin. Also, it can be used to remove makeup and cleanse face, which are the elements of Oil Cleansing Method.

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Coconut oil and castor oil: Effects & Composition

Avril Coconut Oil
  • It’s 100% pure coconut oil obtained from organic farming, certified (Ecocert) and cold-pressed.
  • Avril Coconut Oil handles volume-deprived hair: it lifts the hair at roots, makes it soft and glossy, strengthens and prevents frizz in low porosity hair.
  • In medium and high porosity hair the oil encourages frizz.
  • Whitens teeth and disinfects oral cavity.
  • Is antiseptic therefore it’s recommended to treat acne.
Nanoil Castor Oil
  • It’s 100% pure coconut oil obtained from organic farming, certified (Ecocert), cold-pressed and pure.
  • Doesn’t overburden hair, it can be removed with a delicate shampoo.
  • Is well-tolerated by all hair types; it reinforces the hair, intensifies shine and color, balances sebum, smooths out and makes hair feel light.
  • Cleanses scalp.
  • Cleanses face skin.
  • Is perfect to treat rough and dehydrated skin.
  • Has anti-ageing effect, is antiseptic.
  • Can be used to condition lashes and brows, and to smooth eye skin.

Coconut oil and castor oil: Consumer Opinion

Avril Coconut Oil

This oil receives inconsistent reviews mainly because of its nature that doesn’t suit all hair type equally well. You may come across unflattering opinion saying that Avril Coconut Oil makes some people’s hair rough, hard to detangle and unmanageable.

Nanoil Castor Oil

This castor oil is said to be high class. Nanoil wins positive reviews not only owing to its hair boosting qualities, but also as a product providing good fingernail, eyelash and eyebrow care.

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Coconut oil and castor oil: Summary

All the things mentioned above prove Nanoil Castor Oil to be better than Avril Coconut Oil. Why is it better?

  • Offers more applications and is more efficient.
  • Suits all hair types.
  • Serves its purpose in eyebrow and eyelash care.
  • Is cost-effective.
  • Delivers tailored hair care.
  • Frees skin from toxins.
  • Perfect for fingernail care.
  • Stimulates hair growth and reinforces hair bulbs.
  • Combats excessive hair loss.

Are you curious about other features of Nanoil Castor Oil? Visit official Nanoil web page and choose the best type of hair and body care.