Coconut oil from head to toe – How to use it?

Coconut oil from head to toe – How to use it?

body-care.jpgIt can come as a surprise to Hawaiian and African women, how popular lately became coconut oil. There, coconut oil is used in a traditional skin and hair care for ages. It is worth to take a peek at how coconut oil can be used in a hair care and not only, but also check whether price of coconut oil is adequate to its properties.

Skin care of eye area

One of the most interesting uses of coconut oil is its use in make-up removal of eye make-up. It is great in a removing of simple pollutions, but it also effectively removes waterproof mascaras and dark make-up. All you need to do is to apply a bit of coconut oil on a wet cotton pad, wait till it dissolves and wash your eyes. While make-up removal, you will also nourish and strengthen your eyelashes.

Skin care of face

Coconut oil is great in skin care of the entire face, but for some people it can weight skin down and cause irritations. Before use, you should perform a test. If coconut oil suits you then it can easily replace traditional face cream – it absorbs fast, is perfect for massage and has antibacterial, moisturising and soothing properties. It is recommended to use coconut oil as a smoothing eye cream.

Hair care

Coconut oil for hair is a strong competitor for Morocco’s liquid gold – it is much cheaper, more available and at the same time effective in hair care. It is recommended for dry, dyed and damaged with e.g. stylisation hair. Nourishing properties of coconut oil makes it great at moisturising, softening and making hair glossy. All you need to do is to apply conditioner on hair for an hour before hair wash to have beautiful and nourished hair.

Body care

Body care with coconut oil is focused on replacing traditional body lotion with coconut oil. Coconut oil will work perfectly also in a different roles, e.g. as a shaving cream – soothes irritations, makes hair removal easier, provides greasy surface for razor, limits red spots after shaving and doesn’t require use of additional lotions. Coconut oil is very good as a base for scrubs, e.g. sugar or with sea salt.

Skin care of hands and feet

You shouldn’t forget that coconut oil can easily replace cream for hands and feet. It ensures great moisture, softness and nourishment. Difficult in conditioning, callous skin of heels becomes softer and more elastic if coconut oil is regularly used.