DIY: Coconut Butter for Beautiful Hair

DIY: Coconut Butter for Beautiful Hair

diy-coconut-butter.jpgCoconut oil is the best vegetable oil for hair. Hair care with oils is simple, affordable, safe and effective. What to do if you just run out of coconut oil, and your nowhere near shop or you have to wait a long time for a package? That is not a problem. Unrefined coconut oil for hair can be easily replaced with home made coconut butter. How to make it? Read below.

What do you need?

Packet of desiccated coconut and blender. Nothing more.

How to make coconut butter for hair?

Preparation of coconut butter isn’t that difficult. Packet of desiccated coconut pour into the blender (best will be with a bowl, but any blender will work) or a bowl. Blend it till they have clear, silky butter form. At first desiccated coconut can look like a dry paste, but constant blending at top speed for a dozen or even several dozens of minutes will to the job. Ready – now you can use your home-made equivalent of coconut oil for hair. It is not as clear or light, but with a similar properties.

Why should you make coconut butter?

Mostly, recall how many times you’ve been wondering about where does coconut oil come from. We usually buy it online, because in shops it is difficult to find solid seller, and in most places they sell only refined oil. So, while you wait for a courier with coconut oil for your hair, you can prepare yourself this equivalent. Coconut butter has the same properties and texture, and (what’s interesting) tastes great and can be eaten. Its preparation isn’t difficult, and we at least have certainty that we apply pure coconut on our hair. The least concern here is money, because price of coconut oil is not high, so we do not need to search for cheaper equivalents. However, it is important to know a method to deal with temporary lack of our favourite coconut oil for hair.